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Kate Berry Brown is an abstract artist living and working in Evanston, Illinois. Through ink on paper and paint on wood, she explores contrasting ideas of abundance and gratitude with feelings of density and crowdedness in both motherhood and American humanity.  Brown creates pieces that conjure piles of fleshy rolls and voluminous forms.  In opposition to her exploration of excess, she limits materials to pen and ink in a monochromatic palette. 


She holds a BFA from Washington University and a Masters in Floral Design from Boerma Instituut in Alsmeer, Holland. Studying abroad led to a career in floral work that fed Brown’s desire to learn more about design and color.  Using this knowledge Brown spent several years doing commissioned portraiture work. She has since delved deeper into her abstract work both on paper and wood. She has exhibited at galleries nationally, including the Colored Pencil Society’s International Exhibition in Atlanta, WomanMade Gallery in Chicago, and at the newly founded Stay Home Gallery in Tennessee which is currently on view until December. She has shown extensively in her home city of Evanston, IL, including Gallery 901, 1100 Florence Gallery and Over the Rainbow Gallery among others.   Brown will be an artist in residence at Stay Home Gallery and Residency in November 2020. 

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